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Airborne Manuka Honey AAH 12+

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Airborne Manuka Honey AAH 12+ 500g  $36.00   Out Of Stock   

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Product Details

Origin: New Zealand

Active AAH (Antibacterial Antioxidant Honey) is an extensively researched and proven antibacterial and antioxidant factor in honey. Only Airborne Health Manuka contains Active AAH. It was specially selected to be high in antibacterial activity and antioxidants. Airborne Manuka was rigorously tested by reliable scientific methods.

Extensive research was undertaken by Dr Geoffrey Savage, Associate Professor of Food Biochemistry at Lincoln University, on antibacterial and antioxidant activity (Active AAH) in New Zealand honeys. He is a world-renowned food biochemist and one of New Zealand’s leading authorities on the health benefits of antioxidants in food. Dr Savage and his team found that: Airborne Manuka contained extremely high, naturally occurring levels of antibacterial activity and antioxidants – far more than any other honey.

Every jar also contains a pollen count, which indicates how much pollen is in the honey. Airborne Manuka Honey contains the maximum amount of pollen in each jar, ensuring it contains only the best quality active honey available.